Shaq to be a Celt

By FanSided Staff

EDIT: Deal apparently not quite done

EDIT to the EDIT: Deal Done

That “marquee” game scheduled between the cHEAT and Celts on Oct. 26th just got that much more marquee.  I’d say that roughly ½ of the East All-stars are going to be on the court that night.  I’ll admit that seeing Shaq in Celtic green is gonna be a little weird, but I’m looking forward to all the jokes that Bill Simmons (or Bill Thimmons as Ben like to call him) can make. 

The level of legend that exists on this new Boston team is somewhat mind boggling.  Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and Shaq will most likely all end up in the Hall someday, of course we all know the glory days of each of these players has passed, but still.

Something tells me that between the two O’Neals, KG, Allen, and Perkins when he returns that we are looking at one of the slowest pace factors in the league taking shape before our very eyes.  Rondo, Nate, and Pierce will do their best I’m sure to keep up, but I fully expect that any team with a youngish and somewhat athletic front will be able to take advantage.  Irregardless (I know, I know) the good citizens of Boston are in for what should be a fun season.

One last thing, the fact that Shaq was willing to sign with Boston for the veteran minimum begs the question: would he have done so in SA if the interest had been there?  In truth, I’m glad that Pop and RC didn’t go after him, [ED. – That we know of, Brad.  That we know of.] because about the only good he would brought the Spurs would be a minor bump in ticket sales and media attention.  While the first would be nice for Peter Holt and friends, the latter would be a nuisance.