Tiago Splitter Rated as Steal of Offseason at Center Position

By FanSided Staff

Okay, so the title pretty much gives the point of this post away; and isn’t necessarily news to those of us that follow the offseason like it has some sort of globo-political significance, but when the doldrums of August hit the NBA what else am I supposed to right about?

Here’s the meat of the matter from ESPN.com (Insider):

The Spurs have done it again. Not only did San Antonio just reel in the best big man playing overseas but it signed the 7-footer for Ryan Gomes money. Actually, even that doesn’t do this deal justice; Gomes signed for $1.1 million more than Splitter.


Splitter would be a legitimate center on most NBA squads and is a fantastic pick-and-roll option to tandem with Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. At $10.9 million, this is a heist.

When you consider that Darko’s deal was considered the worst center signing of the summer, you can’t help but be somewhat thankful to the Spurs FO for exercising restraint and common sense when it came to the Big Brasilian.