Spurs Presser Announcing Tiago Splitter Signing

By FanSided Staff

Spurs called a press conference for…right now. Listen live to the press conference announcing the signing of the greatest Brazilian athlete since Maradona. He’s Argentinian? Shit I don’t follow soccer. Yeah…SOCCER.

Update: Yeah don’t click that link yet (3:17 CST) unless you want to hear idiots talk about football and/or baseball. Might be another 15 minutes. Tune back in around 3:30 CST.

Update #2: Still not on (3:37 CST). Maybe the Spurs FO wants us to listen to these awful radio shows for some cruel reason. I can’t figure it out. MAKE IT STOP!!! Here, try this radio show. It’s a little more tolerable. A little.

Update #3: It’s been on for about 6 minutes. Click the first link.