Let’s Addres’s Amar’e and His Stupidity

By FanSided Staff

Over the past couple days the Spurs Universe has been riddled with whispers about the possible departure of Tony Parker. Yesterday those whispers turned into

Let’s get to the bottom of the hub-bub. I now give you, B’lock Q’uo’tes by: Amar’e

“I’ve talked to Carmelo Anthony that he needs to come out here,” Stoudemire said. “I’ve talked to Tony Parker. Both guys are ready to join me if I decide to come here. So we will see if we can work it out.”

He was talking to our good friends at the New York Daily News. For once though I think we can safely believe their story. Well, we can believe those quotes at the very least. The big question seems to be, does Amar’e understand how the CBA, and NBA in general, works? I’m not sure if he realizes it but both Carmelo Anthony and Tony Parker are under contract for next season. There are only two possible ways for both of them to join him in New York.

1) The Knicks convince 2 OTHER teams to be traded partners with Denver and San Antonio to make it worth while for both those teams to trade their respective All-Stars. Basically the Knicks have nothing to give Denver and San Antonio. They would need other teams to send players/draft picks/money/hookers to Denver and San Antonio. And why would other teams do that? Why would they actively help the Knicks become an offensive juggernaut? It would also take some clever General Managing and considering David Kahn and Bryan Colangelo still have jobs, I think we can say that’s not too likely.

2) Both Parker and Anthony wait until next year to bolt their current teams and sign with New York. Well that’s easy right? Oh damn there’s this silly CBA popping up again! Damn you acronym I don’t understand! Assuming NY signs Amar’e to a max level deal this summer, the Knicks will only have around $30 million to work with if they only sign 1-year deals from here on out. This of course is also assuming the CBA doesn’t change radically (as it most likely will) or that there is a lockout. Seems like we’re making lots of assumptions right?

Stay with me. With around $30 million to work with, they won’t have enough to sign BOTH Parker and Anthony to max deals. Even if Parker were to take less than a max deal, NY would be in the position of using 90-95% of their cap on 3-4 guys. They would need to work, you guessed it, a Sign and Trade.

So we’re back to square one. That square is named “Idiot” and Amar’e is currently trying to fit it into a round hole.