Wade: “I Am Intrigued”

By mrehome


It’s not all about LeBron James in the FA Frenzy period.  Dwyane Wade is also a Free Agent and a phenomenal player.  As he was on the first day of free agency on Thursday, Friday morning was no different.

Dwyane Wade was in Chicago to meet up with the New York Knicks.

Wade told ESPN that the meeting went over two hours and was stated as saying, “It was a good meeting, a real good meeting”.

He also told ESPN that the meeting took a little over 2 hours. “I will say I’m intrigued.”

Beforehand, Wade got out of a black Suburban and told reporters he was “in a New York state of mind right now, so we’ll see” how it goes.

On Thursday Wade met with the Chicago Bulls and the New Jersey Nets.

His agent Henry Thomas gave his impressions so far on the teams pitches by saying, “So far, so good, very informative”.