Spurs News!? Bonner Wants To Stay

By mrehome

We got some Spurs news to bring you. Well this is probably old news to some of you but hell I am bringing it your way again.  If you have been living under a rock we are in the biggest Free Agency period the NBA has seen.

We have heard rumors of Tony Parker being traded and recently news of Richard Jefferson opting out of his contract on Thursday, now have learned he could possibly resign with the Spurs.

Did you know we had other players on the Spurs that are free agents?

We certainly do.

After the jump folks.

Four players outside of Jefferson had their contracts expire at the crack of 11:01 pm CDT, Matt Bonner, Roger Mason Jr., Keith Bogans and Ian Mahinmi.

I haven’t read anything with what is going on with Mason, Bogans and Mahinmi but I did though read from San Antonio Express News that Matt Bonner is wanting to remain a Spur and his agent feels that the Spurs want him back as well.

Bonner’s agent, Kenny Grant, said formal talks with the Spurs have not yet begun, but he expects them to start soon.

“Matt wants to be a Spur, and I’d imagine they want him back, too,” Grant said.

The Spurs are open to bringing back Bonner, but only if the price is right.

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