Kens 5’s Joe Reinagel On RJ

By mrehome

Kens 5's Reinagel

Kens 5 Sports Anchor Joe Reinagal was on the Lisle and Hahn show this morning chatting away about sports as he does every Friday, and also Monday on the show over at 99.5 Kiss.

While on the show Steve Hahn like most of us were acting the same, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”, attitude.

Reinagal talks about what he thinks is going on with the whole Richard Jefferson situation.

Via Kens 5.

While Jefferson’s decision was a surprise, don’t be surprised if he winds up right back here to start the season. Look, one thing about RJ, the guy is not dumb, you don’t leave 15 million dollars on the table with nothing up your sleeve.

Jefferson wants a long term deal before the new collective bargaining agreement next summer, and the Spurs were chomping at the bit to get out of the luxury tax are, so it would be a win win for both sides, right?

Think about this, most first year players in Pop’s system struggle, and most do much better in the second year, and given Jefferson’s skills you have to believe he has to be better. He will have something to prove here, no one likes to be the butt of every joke and the reason for a Franchise’s failure, and that exactly what Spurs Fans thought of RJ.