First Day of Free Agency Rumor Patrol

By FanSided Staff
  • Orlando in a sign-n-trade seems to be most likely destination for Carlos Boozer
  • Channing Frye has been offered a 5 year – $25mil deal by Suns
  • John Salmons appears to be on his way back to Bucks (hmmm…how’s that gonna work with Maggette and CDR?)
  • New Jersey’s back-up plan if LBJ doesn’t sign is Rudy Gay or Danny Granger
  • Pacers interested in Jordan Farmar
  • Raymond Felton appears to be on the way out of Charlotte
  • Cav’s interested in Brendan Haywood
  • Chris Paul wants out of New Orleans
  • Eric Dampier wants a full MLE deal (LMAOROTFLWTF OMGBBQ WWJCD GOL!!!)