All-Time, All-Spurs Team

By FanSided Staff

Join me on the other side to learn more about how you can help us with this little project of ours.Over the next five weeks we will be running a series of polls to determine the First, Second, and Third All-time, All-Spurs teams. The polls will be structured by court position, so point guards will compete against point guards, centers against centers and so forth. The goal is of course to determine based on fan opinion, who the best three players were at a given position over the course of the Chaps/ Spurs history. I’ve done my best to include all of the luminary names of both the ABA and NBA days, but given that the Spurs weren’t always the best team around, there does seem to be a bit of favoritism towards the last 20 years or so.

Many of the names you will see will be familiar, some though may not be. According to over 350 players have played for the organization we all love…and non-Spurs fans love to hate…so coming up with a list of standouts was just a tad on the difficult side.

There were of course obvious names, but there were also names just too awesome to leave off – sorry, but Cinninnatus is one of the top ten coolest names ever. Other names were added to show the long history the Spurs have of making the NBA what it is today. We all know about Sam Presti and Danny Ferry, but you’ll see quite a few other names that may or may not surprise you in terms of being associated with the Spurs in the past and other teams in the present. Still, in my attempt to represent the history of the franchise, there were certain characters that just couldn’t be left off, even if they sucked. Finally, some great players were not included because their greatness was achieved with other teams; Moses Malone and Dominique Wilkins come to mind. Additional names that I’ve left off can be entered into the comments section when each poll is posted.

So this is how it will work. On each of the next five Saturday mornings a poll will go up for a particular position. The top three vote getters will then be assigned to the First, Second, and Third All-time, All-Spurs teams. Voting will continue until 30 days after the last poll is posted, and you will be able to vote more than once in each poll. At that time we will name the teams, and they will be given a page here at Air Alamo in perpetuity.

I hope you all have fun with this. GSG