Super Crazy Trade Idea

By FanSided Staff

With so many teams out ther desperately trying to shed salary to create cap room for the looming free agency period, I got to thinking is there anything the Spurs could do to someone take advantage of that?  Well there is, and it is surprising just how much they could get back in return for what I am about to layout on the table.

For 2010/2011 the following players have un-guaranteed contracts: Malik Hairston, Alonzo Gee, Garrett Temple, and Curtis Jerrells. If the Spurs were to package them all up in a trade they could take back a little of $4 million in salary for next season. While that’s not a lot in today’s NBA, it could net someone along the lines of Brandon Bass, Carl Landry, DeShawn Stevenson, Daniel Gibson, Chris Anderson, or a combination of players on smaller deals. The idea being that the other team would cut those four players before their salaries become guaranteed.

Like I said it is a “Super Crazy Trade Idea”, but when other teams are doing crazy things, it should only follow that you would do something to take advantage of that.