Nowitzki To OPT Out

By mrehome


The Dallas Mavericks are said to have received ‘the letter’ from star Dirk Nowitzki on his intentions of becoming a free agent.  As we all know the free agency period begins Thursday at 12:01 AM and though we know whom the biggest prize of the FA period will be.

Uhhh, excuse me!? You don’t know whom I am talking about?

Let me just tell you, LeBron James is a free agent!!!

Now that we have that cleared another player intends to, and sent a letter to the team.  Dirk Nowitzki has done it. According to sources has become a free agent and will forgo his final season with the Mavericks.

Nowitzki will forfeit next season’s scheduled $21.5 million salary by opting out and is eligible to receive a four-year deal from the Mavericks worth a maximum of $96 million. Dallas is precluded from offering him a longer deal because of the league’s over-36 rule, which prohibits giving players the league maximum if they will turn 36 before the contract expires. Nowitzki turned 32 earlier this month. The Mavericks have spent the past several weeks trying to convince Nowitzki to sign an extension that would keep him off the open market. But opting out provides him with multiple contractual benefits. One of them is the ability to incorporate a no-trade clause into a new deal, which can only be secured by players — in a new contract, not an extension — with at least eight years of service time and four with the same team.

I know I would love to see Dirk in a Spurs uni. I know, I’m dreaming but that would be awesome!!

What makes this even better news, Marc Cuban is probably in a corner or in the shower balled up saying “Why!!!!!!”