DeJuan Blair Interview with Spurs.Com

By mrehome

He is quickly turning into one of my favorite players on the Spurs.  DeJuan Blair coming off of a very good rookie season sat down with not to long ago and answered some questions about the offseason as well as his second season in the league.

After the jump you can check out the full interview with Spurs.Com. – What are your offseason plans? What are you doing to make yourself better?

DeJuan Blair – Just working out, working on my shot, dribbling, just trying to keep my body in shape and keep playing. – Have you been able to take any vacations? We saw that you managed to get back to Pittsburgh to go to your former high school’s (Schenley) prom.

DeJuan Blair – Yeah, just trying to solidify my link to Pittsburgh, take everything in, and have fun. – You have a basketball camp coming up, tell us a little about that.

DeJuan Blair – The basketball camp is at Robert Morris University July 6-9 for boys and girls ages 9-18. To sign up just go to, should be a lot of fun. I’m gonna have a lot of surprises for the kids, and I’ll be out there all day, every day. – Have you ever run a camp like that before?

DeJuan Blair – I’ve been in them, but never ran one though. Should be fun to actually go through the motions as an instructor instead of a player. – You’re going to the Summer League this year in Las Vegas, what do you expect from that, as opposed to what you saw last year as a rookie?

DeJuan Blair – I just expect to play more and more, and like you said, just working on all the points of my game that I’ve been working on in the offseason. – Are you working with anybody to get tips to make your game better this offseason?

DeJuan Blair – Not yet, but I plan on working with Tim [Duncan]. – After a dominating rookie season, what will you focus on improving this offseason?

DeJuan Blair – Just trying to be consistent and a lot quicker going up the court.