Tiago-watch 2010 continues

By FanSided Staff

I’ll right, I’m back with another google translation to make your brain melt, but if you put the context clues together I think you will get the gist of it. As always, quotes courtesy of Noticias De Alava:

I have really wanted to play in the NBA and I hope everything works out to fulfill that dream

And he continues:

(S)ometimes I said that my dream is to play in the NBA. I have really wanted to play there and now I hope everything goes well for you to fulfill that dream. But not in my hands, that’s the truth

He also knows who holds the cards:

It depends on who has a real interest on the part of San Antonio at the moment, which are those that have my rights in the NBA. Everything depends on them.

And realizes that it’s just not as simple as all that:

Well, it’s a bit of everything . There are so many things … In the NBA there are many wage ceilings here and there to be taken into account. And then, as I said, is the San Antonio have interest in having me on your team because they too can use me as a bargaining chip. There are many variations that are still unresolved, and until after the draft and start moving all the free agents on the market , which this year are many and of great quality , it is difficult to have something for sure about my arrival to the team. I love you right now I’m going to this team, or this one, but is now really do not know .

So it sounds like having accomplished just about everything he can in Spain that he would like to come to the NBA, but realizes that there are a lot of moving parts and he won’t know for awhile yet just what happens to him. Makes sense.

Oh, and one other thing to make you mess your drawers, at most the Spurs can offer Tiago the MLE for 5 years, and it’s be reported that Baskonia is willing to to match the duration but they can offer him a lot more dough-rey-me