Knicks Fan Claims Parker Trade in the Works ***Now With Plagiaristic Update***

By FanSided Staff

Take this with a big ole grain of salt but a Knicks fan who says he has inside sources claims a trade could be in the works for one Tony Parker. Since I don’t wanna get my hands dirty with this I’ll let my buddy the block quotes pull the trigger:

This is what I am hearing:

Spurs: EC [Eddy Curry], TD [Toney Douglas], and the clippers 8thClippers: Wilson ChandlerKnicks: Tony Parker

We get a championship PG veteran who is only 28 along with additional cap relief. Make it happen Donnie!

Like you, the people at the Knicks online forum wondered who these sources were and how reliable they could possibly be. Explain it blockiest of quotes!

Okay, so here is the scoop. MY friend tells me that he was out the other night for some season ticket holder event and that “his sources” said this is the latest rumblings from insiders in the Knicks organization. He said he also saw something similar on Twitter today confirming what he heard.

He told me that it’s a decent source and that he was correct about the Tmac trade several days before it went down. I tried pressing him but he guards these connects and secrets like he has a reputation to uphold. Moral of the story is that it’s a rumor and we will all have to wait to see if it goes down. He did expect to see it hit the mainstream rumor mill soon…we will know then if he is full of it or not.

What scares me is the plausibility of this trade but for one aspect. The Clippers can’t really believe Wilson Chandler is worth the number 8 pick in the draft can they? You thought I was gonna say that one aspect was the Spurs would never take on Eddy Curry’s contract didn’t you? Haven’t you heard? Eddy Curry is going to wind up wherever LeBron James does! To the next 10 championships!

Thanks to Special K for the heads up.


As you can see in the comments, it seems as though the Knicks fan who claimed to know a person on the inside was completely full of shit. This trade scenario, while not a 10/10 on the ridiculous meter, was a mere hypothetical proposed by a couple Knicks fans on Twitter.