Extremely Important Eddy Curry Update!!!

By FanSided Staff

Ok so maybe the title is a bit misleading. But Larry Coon (his real name) is reporting via Twitter that Eddy Curry has picked up his 2010-2011 player option with the Knicks. As all of you have surely read my LeBron post from today, you will understand that THIS IS HUGE NEWS. Or not. I seriously doubt Eddy Curry’s little pow-wow with LeBron yielded the following back and forth:

Eddy Curry: Yo LeBron, you gonna finish that meatball sub?LeBron: I haven’t even started eating it yet Eddy.Eddy Curry: I know. That’s why I asked. Say, are you gonna stay in Cincinnati?LeBron: Cleveland.Eddy Curry: Nah I don’t watch Fox.LeBron: Listen, I’m thinking of signing with the Knicks. As a member of that team…Eddy Curry: Lemme stop you right there. I don’t play. They pay me to sit around and look not quite as fat as I really am.LeBron: Right…Are you gonna pick up your option with the Knicks? That might have some impact on my decision after this conversation.Eddy Curry: Nah, I’m gone from that place.

And scene.

What does this mean? It means Eddy Curry might be fat, lazy, and stupid, but he isn’t stupid. Right? Right. He’s due around $11.2 million dollars for next season after picking up his option versus being due nothing via free agency because he sucks. It most certainly does not mean he and LeBron have this plan for both to play for the Knicks next season. If anything this will convince LeBron to stay away from New York lest he fear being eaten during every timeout.