Intriguing Second Round Possibility

By FanSided Staff

Because the Spurs are “capped out” they only have so many ways to add people to the team this off-season: trade, the MLE, the LLE, minimum contracts, and draft picks. One thing you may not know about draft picks, Second Round picks in particular is that there is no exception granted for these. That means that a team either has to sign them into available cap space or one of their exceptions. This came into play last year with DeJaun Blair and Antonio McDyess.

This is why teams so often trade their Second Rounders or pick players that they do not plan on bringing over any time soon. Unless someone that the Spurs love and want on the Roster next year falls to them at #49 — and really, there’s not much chance of that happening twice in two years — I would expect one of the two options I mentioned at the start of this paragraph to come to fruition.

Take a path through the wormhole to see someone I think would be too intriguing a candidate to pass up should he still be around when the Spurs are on the clock for the second time. 

Nemanja Bjelica:

Слабый соус!









photo courtesy of BBC

Why do I think the Spurs should invest in another Serb (hi, Rasho)?  Well for starters, dude is 6′-10″.  However, the main reason he intrigues me is that he has been described as “a point guard trapped in a power forward’s body”.  Does that sound like a unique skill set worth adding to the Spurs in the near future?  My answer is ” yes please!” 

Most mocks have him going in the Second, but at least one I have come across has him going in the First (So at least some other know-it-all out there is attracted to him as a player).  I doubt that happens unless it is to one of the teams with multiple Firsts.

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