Toronto Churning up the Waters

By FanSided Staff

Perhaps the most talked about NBA free agent after LBJ is Chris Bosh. For years now we’ve been subjected to “will he”, “won’t he” talk about whether the tall Texan would continue to play for the Barneys in Kanuhduh. The only person capable of answering that question is Bosh himself, but he’s being more coy on the subject than Sarah Palin and her presidential aspirations.

Say what you will about Bryan Colangelo, but he’s not some loser stuck on hooking-up with that one girl he’s always pined for, but is 4 points out of his league. Dude is apparently doing anything and everything he can to field a team free of the stink it has aquired over the last few years (with or without Bosh).

Follw me to the otherside and I’ll clue you in a bit more on what’s going on, and try desperately to tie this back to the Spurs.From Chad Ford:

Meanwhile, the Raptors are not..sitting around. Rather, Colangelo is shopping Hedo Turkoglu, Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack with an eye toward making trades before July 1.

The same source told me that a Turkoglu trade was already in the works and could happen by the draft… The Calderon and Jack discussions are moving more slowly, but over the past few days the Raptors have been pressing forward on those fronts as well.

At the same time, the Raptors appear to be closing in on a trade for an additional first-round pick. Colangelo has called every team with multiple picks looking for something in the 20s… A few teams, including the Thunder and Nets, have said no. But teams with multiple first-round picks (like the Grizzlies) or teams trying to save cash or a luxury tax hit (see the Orlando Magic) are in Colangelo’s sights.

So it’s plain to see that BC is willing to do quite a lot to make room to sign Chris Bosh while adding talent, or if he…meaning CB…decides to walk to blow it the hell up a start from scratch. Thankfully for the Raps, they play in the weaker of the two conferences so they could return to respectability somewhat quickly should the shock & awe campaign take place.

What does this mean for the Spurs? Well it’s a reach, but when you have a team willing to mix it the fruck up anywhere in the NBA, doors begin to open. For example, Houston was able to jettison an albatross of a contract and player at the deadline (TMac) because the Knicks were as desperate to clear cap space as an NBA groupie at All-Star weekend. Or, how when Turkeyglu made his way to the Spurs it was for Ron Mercer and Danny Ferry…or in otherwords a whole lot of suck.

If Pop and BC are worth anywhere close to their salt, they owe it to the team, the fans, and Peter Holt to see if they can squeeze themselves into a three-way with Toronto and ‘NBA Team X” like Ben and Mike did with that one chick this weekend.