Spurs Report Card: Keith Bogans

By FanSided Staff

Poop. Sorry, that’s just the first word that comes to mind when I think of Keith Bogans’ inaugural season as a Spur. Bogans was signed, pretty transparently, to take over the Bruce Bowen role on the team. Hell, he even kind of looks like Bowen. But he’s not Bruce Bowen. He’s not even a bow-tie wearing, 65 year old retired and living in Boca Raton Bruce Bowen. There was a lot made of the fact that Bogans was actually a very good offensive player in college. I’m not sure what people were talking about to be honest. His best season for the Kentucky Wildcats was his sophomore year when he shot 47% from the field and averaged 17 PPG/4.6 RPG/2.4 APG in 30.9 MPG. Pretty good for the college game. But then his junior and senior years happened. He shot 39.4% and 45.6% in his junior and senior years respectively and put up very mediocre averages. Even so he’d be a better offensive option than Bowen right? WRONG. I laugh at you for even thinking such a thing would be true.

Bogans was terrible on both ends of the floor for pretty much the entire season. His Per 36 Minute states were amazingly awful. This is what his stats would look like if they use his actual Minutes and extrapolate his stats using 36 minutes as the divisor. Ready? You’re really not but I’ll show you anyways. Cover young children eyes NOW…FG% – 40.3%3P% – 35.7%(percentages shouldn’t change when projecting per36 stats)8.0 PP360.3 BP361.0 SP364.1 RP362.2 AP363.6 Fouls/36

Do I need to tell you his actual stats after you see that he averaged 19.7 MPG this season? Urge to kill rising. RISING…

Photo By Mansoor Ahmed/WireImage.com

Urge to kill falling…falling….gone. For now.

It’s no secret Bogans was a shitsandwich on offense. But how was he at replacing the defensive Obi Wan that was Bruce Bowen? Oh he sucked at that too. Against SFs (you know, the position he was brought in mainly to guard), he allowed 51.1% shooting and 20.2 PP48/7.5 RP48/3.0 AP48. Did I mention his win shares per 48 minutes (an estimated number of wins contributed by a player per 48 minutes) was .081? To give you some perspective that’s a lower WS/48 than the following individuals:

Matt Bonner – .153Malik Hairston – .107Matt Barnes – .135Toney Douglas – .097

I could search for hours finding people who sucked less than Bogans. Pop said he was the centerpiece to the team. To me, he was the centerpiece to me breaking stuff during Spurs games.My Grade: F

How much did Keith Bogans suck? I’m not even gonna bother putting options better than C on this.Past Report Cards You Can Still Vote On