Splitter: ” I really have no decision…”

By FanSided Staff

This is a horrible google translation of an interview recently conducted with Tiago Splitter. The original text can be found here: noticiasdealava.com. Maybe some of you native Spanish speakers can make a bit more sense out of this. But for those of you that don’t want to bother with that, what you see in the block quotes is a reporter asking Tiago if he will be staying with his team, coming to the NBA, or going to another European team, Tiago’s response is that he hasn’t thought or decided on anything as of yet.

Will you be their recent matches Baskonia’s shirt?

I do not know. I have two years left on his contract, but I have exit option. At the moment I do not think about it. I have no thought or decided.

Really has not made a decision on its continuation in Vitoria, their march to the NBA or another European club?

I really I have no decision at all.