Spurs Report Card: Antonio McDyess

By mrehome

Spending the last five seasons in Detroit with the Pistons, Antonio McDyess made his way to the San Antonio Spurs for the 2009-2010 season.  I for one was excited to hear about him coming to San Antonio because I knew we would get a good defender and a veteran that knows how to play the game.

I knew that he would fit in quickly.  Dyess is not a big offensive threat. In the past eight seasons he has averaged in single digits.  Not that I am upset about that.  He wasn’t brought on for his scoring, he was brought on for defense.

How did he do? Continue on to check what grade I gave Dyess in his first season with the Spurs.

Dyess played in 77 games and started 50 this past season.  He averaged 5.8 points per game and just about the same rebounding, 5.9 to be exact.  I saw some good things from Dyess this past year.  I liked seeing the aggressive side of him on the offensive end.  He knows most people don’t see him much of a threat shooting the ball.  During the playoffs though I saw him come out and be the one to jack up the first shots of the game, loved it.

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He is a pretty good shooter from the field.  He can hit the jumpers at the top of the and also on the sides, saw him shooting more on each side when the season went on.  Again, not much of an offensive factor for San Antonio. What he was brought in for was defense and rebounding and he did that.

Though he is getting up in the age, Dyess still proved to be a good pick-up for San Antonio.  I would of liked to see the numbers he averaged on the boards when he was in Detroit during the 2008-2009 season where he pulled down just under ten boards  game.  During the playoffs Dyess did step up his play.  His scoring and rebounding averages bumped up, not considerably but they did.  He played and started in all ten of the Spurs playoffs games.

Basketball-reference.com has some pretty good stats on Antonio McDyess that I found out to be pretty interesting.  This past season when Dyess plays 36 minutes his averages are up, and I mean pretty good.  His points per game was at 9.9, rebounds at 10.1.  I know what you are thinking, of course you play less minutes then your averages will be a lot better. 

Dyess is 35 years old and for him to bring those numbers in 36 minutes is pretty damn good. Dyess has two more years left on his contract but many have said that next season will probably be his last.  Dyess turns 36 in September and his contract for the 2011-2012 season isn’t fully guaranteed.

Final Grade: B-

*NOTE* After looking further at what he did this past season I had to change the grade for Dyess.

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