Here I Go Again on My Own, Goin Down the Only Road I’ve Ever Known

By FanSided Staff

Photo Courtesy Newscom

Excellent news from Spain today! And by excellent I mean “makes you want to murder people in a drug-induced rage”. The Spanish-language blog Blog de Basket has a story up today that basically says the team Tiago Splitter (our one true savior who will bring 18 championships in the next 15 years) plays for wants to sell him to a European team. Why? Well that’s the best part. There’s a clause in Tiago’s current contract that guarantees (read: nothing is guaranteed in Euro basketball) Caja 4 million Euros if another European team wants him. Unfortunately for the Spurs, the price for an NBA buyout is only 1 million Euros. So basically Caja wants to make 4 million Euros instead of 1 million. I guess it’s just good news Caja isn’t Greek. Hilariously inaccurate google translation of the blog post at Blog de Basket after the jump.

Josean Querejeta, president of the Caja Laboral is willing to sell Tiago Splitter to a European club and try to convince the Brazilian power forward to NBA dream park for at least a couple of seasons.

Tiago Splitter clause for a European club is four million, that would stoop to the major European teams fight for the greatest center of Europe. The escape clause in the NBA is one million euros, a figure that does not meet the leader of Vitoria, since it is assumed that you have lost at power forward.

We’ll see how things develop, as Tiago Splitter NBA wants to try the adventure and not welcomed to stay a couple of years in Europe, at least today.

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