Spurs Report Card: George Hill

By mrehome

Back again with another Spurs Report Card for all to tell your friends about, where else can you get some good quality stuff like this huh?  Seriously!  Today the man that I am sure, hoping, people will put in their two cents about is that of George Hill.

Not only does Coach Pop have a man crush on this guy but he has come out of his shell this past season.  Hill stepped up and in a big way.  That big way pretty much started the trade rumors of one Tony Parker.

We all know how that goes, but now the spotlight is on George Hill.

Here we go!

Hill just completed his second season with the San Antonio Spurs and he made an impact…..damn did I say that already?  Who cares your still reading.  In his first season he pretty much played like a rookie.  He averaged just under 6 points per game, played 16.5 minutes.  He shot the ball decent from the arc hitting 24 of his 73 attempts.  Yeah, first year was year for Hill to get his feet wet.

Photo: Yardbarker

This past season he blew everything out of the water.  His minutes sky rocketed to just under 30 a game, he made 50 more three pointers, more free throws, every category Hill improved in. What I see in Hill is a player that is a pretty good defender.  He is and will be labeled the defensive stopper ala Bruce Bowen when the time comes.  He has improved as I stated in shooting the ball and hitting down open shots, though practice is still needed.  I know the kid is young and he has a lot of time to do so.  That’s why I am not sweating it.

He opened up the eyes to everyone when Parker went down and he took over at the point.  Phenomenal he was.  For only being his second year in the league Hill had the poise that a veteran guard has.  He knows when to run, knows when to slow the ball down, looks for his teammates and doesn’t force shots, sometimes.

Hill has shown that he can play the point, be the shooting guard do whatever is needed.  Be that defense stopper to go up against the opposing teams best player.  Though he got a reality check when he was pitted against Nash in the second round.

Hill you are going to have games like that, and I am sure you know this.

Now the moment of truth. Can I get a drum roll please…………..

Final Grade: B

You know what to do.

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