Spurs Report Card: Manu Ginobili

By mrehome

What could possibly be the reason why San Antonio made it to the playoffs was the play of Manu Ginobili after the All-Star break.  Gino played out of his mind in the second half of the season.

He and the Spurs were flirting with the eighth spot in the Playoffs and a series match-up with the Los Angeles Lakers.  We dodged that bullet and got our hands on the Dallas Mavericks.

This isn’t to talk about the playoffs. As we here at Air Alamo continue our ‘Spurs Report Card’ up next is the man that during the season swatted down a bat, played with a broken nose and refused to wear a mask, and simply all his passion was left on the floor, (Barkley Voice) GINOOOOOBIIIILLLIIII!

I truly love the way that Ginobili plays.  His court vision, shooting and somewhat orthodox playing gives the Spurs that ‘flare’ that everyone else feels we do not have.  This year Ginobili led the team in six categories: Three-Point Field

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Goals Made (132), Three-Point Field Goal Attempted (350), Free Throws (309), Free Throw Attempts (355), Assists (370), Steals (103) and Total Efficiency Points (1,313). With his way of getting into the paint and creating his own shots, free throws and attempts were not surprising to see him being ranked so high.

That is what I like about Ginobili.

When he sustained a broken nose most would think he would be tentative and shy with going into the lane because he knows and we know he is going to get banged around, not him. He went into the lane as if he did not have an injury, relentless. I love it.

He gets his team involved.  When he was coming off of the bench he was the spark plug for San Antonio and has been for years.  In the starting lineup he brings that same energy and then some. His scoring went up this year from last, only by a point.

His playoff average, 19.4, impressive compared to just under 18 in last years playoffs. He is in my opinion the reason we got to the playoffs.

When Tony was down and hurt, and Ginobili stepped up, scoring, passing, rebounding and steals, whatever needed to be done, he was there to do it.

Final Grade: A

You know the drill:

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