Should He Stay or Should He Go

By FanSided Staff

If you say that he is yours, maybe he’ll stay for 3 more tours.

Cuz tours are like seasons in the NBA. Shut up. In a follow up to BDiddy’s great write up on Mahinmi, there is some news coming from France where Ian went on local radio and television. Do you speak French? Me neither. Thankfully Bruno from SpursTalk does and has not only translated it, but has also given us a nice succinct break down. Take it away block quotes!

Some news about Ian:He was today on French radio and talked about his future:– The deciding factor will be playing time.– His goal is to stay in SA but it would depend on playing time.– Spurs said they were happy with his season but they haven’t told they want to re-sign him because there are a lot of parameters (FA, draft…). Ian told Spurs still don’t know what they will do this summer.– Splitter will be a factor. If Spurs signs Splitter and Keep Blair, Duncan and Dice, Ian should go. He doesn’t want to be the 5th bigman like at the end of the year because only 4 ones get consistent playing time.– If he has nothing in NBA, he is ready to come back in Europe. However, he sounds confident about getting another opportunity in the NBA. Even if teams aren’t allowed to make offers, there are some good talks around him.

If you do speak French you can listen to the interview here. And if you feel like reading an entire thread about our French friend, here’s the link to his thread at SpursTalk.

Sounds like he doesn’t hold a grudge for the Spurs not playing him last year but also won’t come back if he’s relegated to the same position.