Spurs Report Card: Tim Duncan

By mrehome

Well season as we all know has been over for some time now and I wanted to do a little something to get everyone of our readers involved.  I wanted to start by doing a ‘Spurs Report Card’ post.

I will be rolling this out in the next coming weeks.

It is your just to not only give your input on the players this season but an overall grade of their play.

After the jump we will start.  First up, Tim Duncan.

The Big Fundamental as he is called had himself a pretty good regular season.  He played in 78 games and started 77 of them.  His averages were down slightly but not in all categories.

He had season lows in points per game, blocks, rebounds and also minutes per game.  He averaged 17.9 points, 1.5 blocks, 10.1 rebounds and 31.3 minutes.  Coming into the 2009-2010 season we knew that Coach Pop was going to limit Duncan’s playing time to save his legs and energy for the playoffs.  That seemed to have paid off as Duncan in the post season came up big again.

Again, he suffered a playoff low of averaging 19 in this years playoffs but Duncan has proven to all that he brings his best when the time comes.  Yes, he and the Spurs were swept out of the second round, you can’t deny the play of Duncan though.  The rest that he was given during the regular season caught back up to him in the playoffs. He averaged 37 minutes a game.

What has always been a tough spot for Duncan is whole career and showed in the playoffs are free throws.  During this years playoffs he shot a career playoff low, 47%.  His playoff career average is 67%.

Time for my grade and your shot of your own.  With his play during the season with season lows that is not going to make me lean to giving him a low grade.  Duncan is a foundation of  San Antonio.  He has proven that he doesn’t need to score big to win, his play on the floor helps everyone, he draws so much attention that he can quickly pass out to an open shooter.

My final grade for Duncan this year is a B.

Now it is your turn. Feel free to comment in the section below if you wish.