Spurs Met With Derrick Favors

By mrehome

(Photo Source: Yardbarker)

The San Antonio Spurs hold the 20th pick in the NBA Draft on June 24th.  Derrick Favors will surely be taken way before the time comes when San Antonio is on the clock.

According to Hoopsworld, San Antonio did meet with Favors during Day 1 of the Draft Combine in Chicago.

You would expect that Favors, who is arguably the fourth-best talent in the draft class, would be talking to the top 8 to 10 teams, and if you looked at his interview list you’d be right. However there was one team that jumped off the page for Favors – the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs hold the 20th pick in the first round and have no shot at drafting Favors as they stand, but they met with him yesterday which is sure to fuel the trade speculation.

Sources close to the situation pointed out last night that while San Antonio meeting with Favors is interesting, they also reminded the team interview portion of the Combine was designed around this very concept.

If a team has interest in a player, they would want to meet with that player before giving up assets to move up in the draft, and just because a team meets with a player outside of their range, that does not mean they will meet the price tag to move up.

But Derrick Favors meeting with the San Antonio Spurs is interesting, especially when the New Jersey Nets have been floating that they would consider trading the third overall pick for the right kind of veteran – Tony Parker anyone?

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