Hi, Everbody!

By FanSided Staff

Hi Everbody!

Just a quick note here to introduce myself.  I’ve been a Spurs fan since just before the days of David Robinson.  In fact, somewhere in my old room at my dad’s house I have an autographed picture of Cadillac Anderson.

When I left Texas in 1999, keeping up with the Spurs the way I wanted to was difficult.  During the 2005 title run, I started exploring the world of internet fandom.  Prior to my work at the Underground mentioned in Mike introduction, I was quite the prolific poster at one of the more popular fan forums.  Some of you may remember me from then.

I hope what I bring to the site offers you some level of entertainment and not too much disappointment or unintended comedy.  If what I write occassionally comes off as dumb, please let me know so that my next post doesn’t fall into the same trap.