Favors Talks About Interview

By mrehome

Timothy Varner from 48 Minutes of Hell is lucky enough to be at the draft combine and also stated that the Spurs have conducted interviews with eight  players: James Anderson, Xavier Henry, Luke Babbitt, Paul George, Damion James, Stanley Robinson, Gordon Hayward.

I know that I listed seven but this is about the number eight in Derrick Favors.

We posted earlier today that the Spurs had met Favors.

48 Minutes of Hell got some insight on Favors as he didn’t shine really any light on the matter pretty much stating that San Antonio just asking him about basketball. Here is what was posted at 48MOH:

“They were just asking about basketball, trying to get to know me better,” Favors said.

He then followed up that he thought it was kind of odd at first to hear San Antonio wanted to interview him.

“I thought it [the Spurs’ decision to interview him] was odd at first. But as I talked to them and got to know them, I thought maybe they’re trying to get at me.”

Remember that Blair was a consensus Lottery Pick last year and the Spurs got him at 37.  As Varner stated, it is unclear if the Spurs intended to move up in the draft for Blair or if they had a feel that he was going to slide down where he was at. He then says the time that they did spend with Blair was the most valuable moment of the 2009 Draft Combine.

Varner ended his post:

It would be easy to read too much into the mere fact of a player interview. Teams are here to talk, and maybe the Favors interview is just an example of the Spurs doing their due diligence. That’s likely the case. But, at a minimum, it’s something to note as we inch closer to the draft.