Spurs Mailbag: Coach Pop

By mrehome

Spurs official site just released questions that were submitted by fans to Coach Poppovich.  Some didn’t really draw my attention until I saw one about Tiago Splitter.  Splitter just won the MVP for the Spanish league.  This was the question that Coach Pop was asked and his answer:

Question: What is the current status of Tiago Splitter, should we expect him to be in a Spurs uniform next season?

GP: At this point we’re trying to figure out who we want to add to the team and those talks are going on right now, so we don’t know exactly what direction we’re going to take. Tiago Splitter obviously is somebody we drafted and still feel is a very good player. In fact he won an award for being the MVP of his league over there in Spain so he is high on our list, but we’re still not exactly sure at what point he is going to come over.

I was hoping Pop would of given us a hint on when the big man was coming over but guess we are going to have to wait and see this offseason.

Here was another question I thought was pretty good:

Question: With Timmy obviously still the foundation, Manu with a new deal and Tony being young and the future, is the missing piece(s) outside shooting (adding a couple pure shooters) or is it something else?

Gregg Popovich: We have to have more people play better come playoff time. If you look at what the Celtics are doing right now, they have their Big Three playing very well and on top of that Rondo is playing like an All-Star, Tony Allen and Rasheed Wallace are playing well coming off the bench. So you look at that and you have six guys who are playing very well and come playoff time that’s basically what it’s all about.

You can call it shooting or defense or this or that, but people have to play well. That’s how Boston beat Cleveland. Cleveland didn’t have very many playing well night after night and Boston had that. We’ve had that same thing when we’ve won championships, so that’s really the bottom line more than anything else.

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