Wizards Win The Lottery

By mrehome

(Getty Images)

It was supposed to be the night for the New Jersey Nets.  Their new owner was on hand and also had the best percentage to win the services of John Wall for the number one pick of this years NBA Draft.

Like their season was all year, the Nets lost again.  The Washington Wizards had just a 10% chance of obtaining the number one pick and the basketball gods were on their side.  The Wizards we all know have had a rough season.  With bad management for years and also the locker room shananigans by Gilbert Arenas something good actually came out of this season for them.

With the late Abe Palin’s wife on hand with her husbands championship ring for luck, hearing the Wizards name being called out for the number one pick completely shocked her.  Her mouth dropped to the ground and was just amazed.

Remember the last time the Wizards got the number one pick…………Kwame Brown.

Washington you can now feast your eyes on your future in John Wall.

For the New Jersey Nets, they will obtain the number three pick.