Spurs Season Review

By mrehome

It was a season of alot of ups and downs.  When we drafted DeJaun Blair and made a trade for Richard Jefferson I along with alot of others felt that the Spurs were well on their way to making a trip back to the finals.  Blair was a steal for us.  He showed that with his play this year.  Jefferson on the other hand was, as many people feel, not worth the contract that he got.  He simply disappeared during the season.  He was not consistent for us, not the way we would like for him to be.

We missed him in the playoffs, he had a spark, a little spark, but then came back to earth and played the way he has all year long.

We saw a player in George Hill really step up when Tony Parker went down with a broken hand.  He along with Manu Ginobili could be the reason that we made it to the playoffs.  I will get back to Hill but Ginobili, man do we love this guy or what!?

After the All-Star break Gino turned into another player, one that we are proud to have on our team.  With Ginobili we know that every single game we are going to get 110% from him.  He proved in the playoffs that he wouldn’t let an injury, that probably would of put people down stop him from playing.  Broken nose, no problem for Gino.  He still was as aggressive as he was when he was healthy.

I am glad that he got the extension that he deserved.  If that didn’t happen, there would of been a lot of pissed off Spurs fans.

Back to George Hill.  We all know that Pop raves about this kid.  He stepped in nicely at the point when Parker was out for six weeks.  When Parker came back, he took to the bench and Hill continued to run the team in the first round against the Mavericks.

During that series he would average over 20 points a game.  Against Nash and the Suns he slipped away but continued to be aggressive.  Hill is well on his way to being a star for San Antonio.

I don’t want to get to deep into every player on the team.  We all feel the same way.  It sucks to know that our Spurs are no longer in the playoffs, there could of been so much that could be done for us to still be in the post season.  It is what it is.

The Spurs will be back next season stronger than ever.

Now we look to the off-season.