Spurs To Work Out Xavier Henry and Paul George

By mrehome

According to Scott Schroeder from Ridiculous Upside, ESPN’s Chad Ford has stated that today the San Antonio Spurs are working out Xavier Henry and Paul George in San Antonio.  Ford goes on to say:

George believes he may be more of a 2-guard than a 3. Some NBA teams agree. In fact his first workout is in San Antonio on Thursday. His workout partner: Kansas shooting guard Xavier Henry.

Schroeder goes on to give some insight on the two players that are working out for the team.

Xavier Henry, in a nutshell, is a great three-point shooter (42% on the season) though he gets a little one-dimensional after that.  The Kansas freshman has great size for an off-guard at 6-foot-7, but isn’t what the pundits are wont to call athletic, explosive or any of the other buzz words that are thrown around at this time each year.  I really like him – and am willing to look past the huge slump he was in for the latter half of this season – though that’s been a sore spot for many prognosticators.  Still, most everyone projects Henry to be picked before the Spurs get a chance to nab him.

On Paul George:

Paul George, on the other hand, was called the “upside sleeper of the first round” after Chad Ford observed him earlier this week in pre-draft workouts in Los Angeles.  Like Henry, George is a three-pointer gunner as well as he attempted nearly five treys per game at Fresno State, but at least he connected on 40% of them.  Though he’s a sophomore, the prevailing thought seems to be he has much more upside than Henry due to his athleticism and jumpability – plus he can rebounded fairly well (7.2 per game) while in college.  He can currently be found in mock draft’s ranging from 21-30.

He concludes with saying that he feels George is the likely prospect for San Antonio and could possibly be another steal for the team.