Parker Wants To Stay in SA

By mrehome


The whirlwind of rumors started on Monday when after being swept it started that the Spurs were looking to part ways with point guard Tony Parker.  Then yesterday the NY Daily News posted that the Knicks would be a likely trade partner if he were to become available.

According to them, a Spurs scource stated that Tony Parker and wife Eva Longoria-Parker would like to move to New York.

Newstation around San Antonio did not confirm anything on the Spurs source and R.C. Buford made it clear that he is not talking about this anymore.  According to Tony Parker, he called the post from the Daily News:  “even worse than the paparazzi.”

He also went on to talk about his desire to stay in San Antonio.

“Again, I want to make it clear: I want to stay in San Antonio,” said Parker, reached at his home on the Northwest Side. “My heart is in San Antonio. But it doesn’t seem to matter what I say. The rumors get worse and worse, and as I go through my free-agent year, I know there will be even more.”

Parker’s contract worth $13.5 million is set to expire after next season.  He is expected to seek a maximum extension leading to this speculation of the Spurs wanting to trade him.

On Monday R.C. Buford said this about those rumors on Parker:

“I think that you would be crazy not to want a player like Tony in our program for a long time,” Buford said Monday, adding, “the speculation with Tony is placed outside our organization.”

Parker heard what Buford had to say and commented on it himself.

“At the same time, you can’t control what people are going to say in the newspaper,” Parker said. “Rumors are part of the NBA. But for me, I’m not going to pay attention to that.”