Knicks Could Offer At Parker

By mrehome

Rumors still swirling on the future of Tony Parker and the NY Daily News has went even further with it stating the New York Knicks would be a willing trade partner if he would come available.

All of which coming as everyone knows how high Coach Pop is on George Hill.  He should be.  Hill stepped in nicely when Parker went down but we all know that this is Tony’s team.  R.C. Buford shot down any rumors claiming that it would be ‘crazy’ for the Spurs to let Parker go.

That surely won’t stop the Knicks for giving it their shot.

“Pop loves George and I could see a scenario where he would trade Tony,” said a Spurs source, referring to San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich. “Tony will be looking for a max deal and New York may pay him.”

Both Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni know the Knicks need a good point guard to run their team and Tony would be their guy.  As the free agency market nears the top prize to many and the Knicks is the services of LeBron James. Of course if they were to sign him or Dwyane Wade then all options for Parker are out the door.