The Force Will Come From Ginobili

By mrehome

Obi Wan Ginobili. Will Return.

For this series to change it will have to be by the force that is withing Manu Ginobili.  Yeah we know it is a team effort.  We all know that it was the play of Ginobili that got us to where we are, that being the playoffs.  He is the reason we are here.  He will be the one to bring us out of this 2-0 funk that we sit in right now.

I see him tonight getting everyone involved, no more forced shots, step back threes.  We are going to see the Manu of old.  Driving to the hole, throwing his body everywhere, and to some, flopping.  Whatever will work, he will do it tonight!

We can’t go down 3-0 to Phoenix, we have to PROTECT OUR HOUSE!  And it will start with one, Manu Ginobili.