LeBron Degrades Bulls Ball Boy

By mrehome

The video shows it all.  Now Mr. James, how tall are you, good 6’9″ maybe 6’10?  What you did during game four against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center, you know that place, the home the BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER used to play at Michael Jordan, yeah what you did when you checked into the game was low……really low.

For those of you that didn’t know or get to catch the game on a NATIONALLY TELEVISED station in ESPN, Mr. James checked into the game and you can clearly see that the ball boy was standing with his hand out waiting for LeBron to give him his warmups….so what does the ‘KING’ do, dude, yeah dude, tossed it on the ground for him to pick up and he continued on from there to just toss his clothes on the ground for him to pick them up.

Oh and the last part, when dude was taking off his shirt, he turned out, mind you the ball boys hand was sticking out and he threw it right passed him.  Now you are telling me that you could not see the ball boy standing there awaiting your warmups?

Please. That was low dude, that was low.

Check the video after the jump and let me know how you feel about this.

[Credit to Fanhouse.com for the video]