There’s more than 1 Tim Duncan?

By FanSided Staff

Originally written by TMZ Staff

Tim Duncan claims he was booted from his Twitter account … because he’s not the 6’11” NBA star by the same name.

The white Tim tells us he got an e-mail from Twitter Tuesday informing him they were shutting down his account because they believed he was trying to “impersonate” the Black, much taller Tim Duncan.

For some reason Twitter had a change of heart yesterday and his account was re-activated.

We reached out to Twitter and we’re still waiting for an explanation … in 140 characters or less, of course.


TMZ does have the picture up and strangely enough they actually have a similar look.  Both have beards and aren’t smiling in their photo.  The white Tim Duncan has glasses though.  Which obviously means he’s not trying to copy the other Tim Duncan.