Have Spurs found winning combination?

By FanSided Staff

For most of the season, it seemed like no lineup Gregg Popovich threw together would be successful for the Spurs.  It was as if someone had put the Spurs hopes of success in a safe and we’re giving out the combination to anyone.

Along the way, every possible combination was tried.  There was even a Theo Ratliff sighting and trade.  Richard Jefferson grew a goatee, sadly, Gregg Popovich did not.  Matt Bonner even started working out:

However, none of this seemed work.

After losing the last 2 games of a road trip to 2 mediocre at best teams, the Spurs lined up for a home game against Oklahoma City with a line up of; Duncan, Parker, Hill, Bogans and Antonio McDyess.  They won this game and 2 of the next 3, only losing to the Rockets when they were missing Tony Parker.

While the center spot seems to rotate between McDyess and DeJuan Blair, the last 3 games the other 4 have started have all been impressive wins over quality teams.  The move also allows Jefferson to be paired up with Ginobli and those two play really well together.  Spurs fans are finally seeing all the depth that they had heard about before the season began, and it seems as if the safe to success is finally starting to crack open.

Did Canada rip the Spurs off?

Recently the 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, British Columbia and from all accounts were incredibly successful and not basketball related.  Which I’m sure brings up the question, “why are you mentioning this?”

Funny I, as you, should ask!  For the ice hockey tournament at the games, the “national chant” of Canada was set as “Go Canada Go!”  That’s right, not some variation of “Who Dat?” or “Where’s the Beef?” but none other than the same chant the Spurs use, only with Canada in it.  We’ll be accepting our gold medals anytime, Canada!