Regular Season Game 2: Recap at Chicago Bulls

By mrehome

Tim Ducncan finished with a double double in the teams loss.

Well really not much to say about how we played lastnight against the Chicago Bulls.  Franly they let us have it and showed they are very athletic and gave us fits all night long.  Coach Pop didn’t even know what to do.  I was thinking this to myself when I saw Finley and Bonner both starting.  I mean what gives.  Stick Dyess out there with Finley at the two and everything will be just fine but both of them out there together just doesn’t cut it.

Don’t get me wrong both of which are great shooters and we know that Bonner is one of the teams best three point shooters and seeing him on the outside as one of our ‘bigs’ leaves downlow very vunerable and knowone left to grab rebounds outside of Duncan (when they are both in).

Timmy played his heart out lastnight and I respect him for that.  But if he is scoring 28 points then that means the rest of the team is not doing their job as well.  Tony was know where in sight.  He had no points in the second half.

We continue to show that back to back games are not our strength.  After defeating a New Orleans Hornets we came out against Chicago looking fatigued.  It was only the second game of the season.  The Bulls made us look our age.  We were slow, getting beat off the dribble, hell we couldn’t even grab a damn board.

Chicago has a lot of energy and they are a fun team to watch.  Again, beating a Hornets team that should possibly be in the playoffs then coming out and playing the way we did against the Bulls had me up this morning thinking what the hell happened.

There are some things that I would like to see Pop do.  We need to see more Blair, George Hill and the others off the bench.  Blair has proven in the preseason that he is going to be a monster down low for us.  He goes for rebounds as if his life depends on it.  Hill looked good lastnight defending Rose and Hinrich.  He pushed them to their limits.

Though this is only the second game and our first loss of the season, there is no need to panic.  Though this seemed like I was but just frustrated with the way we came out against Chicago.  We will get our stuff together, we need to.

Game Highlights: