Manu Ginobili Looking Near 100%

By mrehome

Being a Spurs fan and hearing that the Spurs are not flashy and are boring to watch is something that we are all used to hearing.  During the playoffs last year we were without one of our flashy stars that being Manu Ginobili.  We all should know by now that Ginobili went down with injuries that kept him sidelined from the post season.

What is good to see in Gino is back on the floor during the preseason and he is starting to look sharp, not 100% but he is getting there.  Ginobili has played in three games this preseason starting one and is averaging 6.3 points per game in playing about 18 minutes.

A healthy Ginbobili can be deadly for teams in the West and across the NBA.

Tonight Ginobili and the Spurs host LeBron James and the flu stricken Cleveland Cavaliers team.  I am going to be doing something different this go around as I am going to be simulating as many games as I can using NBA LIVE 10.  Lookout for that to be sometime this afternoon.