Sheed Not Coming To SA. No Big Deal!

By mrehome


I know that I am not the only one that is a little upset that we lost out on Rasheed Wallace but you know I am already done with it.  Had a feeling that ‘Sheed’ would not want to come to San Antonio and still leave it to the guys in the front office to pull something together.  We had a pretty productive off-season thus far and I still see us doing some more damage soon.

With work this weekend and not being able to catch up on some news surrounding the team I did though read that we were interested in Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis from the Boston Celtics.

Put a smile on my face as I feel we would not have to pay him a huge load for him to make his way to San Antonio.  With his skill set I feel Davis could be a nice fit for us.  With Haislip coming on as well I only hope that we nab Davis.

Though this is just a rumor going around we were at Air Alamo will keep our eyes on this.