FAF 2009 – Detroit Strikes With Gordon, Villanueva

By mrehome

Ben Gordon reaches an agreement with Detroit.

Reading around the blogging world many think that this trade hurts the Pistons defensively.  Gordon is a scorer and has been since coming into the league.  The Detroit Pistons have won the Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva sweepstakes ) as they reached agreements with the team.

Ben Gordon’s deal is believed to be beteen $55 to $60 million over five years.  Charlie Villanueva is also a five year deal worth $40 million sources told ESPN’s Chris Broussard.  It is funny that Gordon would take a deal like this as many may or may not know he rejected two $50 million dollar deals with Chicago the past two seasons.  Maybe he just wanted to get out of Chicago?  Many have felt that he was unhappy with his playing time and coming off of the bench.

“I don’t have any regrets, and I don’t have any bitter feelings for the Bulls,” Gordon, according to the Chicago Tribune. “Business is business. I’m going to a situation now where winning is the No. 1 priority. I’m happy with my decision.”

Our friends over at Life On Dumars states on their blog, “Pistons Now Nicely Positioned as 6th Best Team in the East“.  Toasterhands over there also states,

“As it stands right now the Pistons have Charlie at the PF and Kwame ”Stonehands” Brown at the C.

I’ll say it again, Joe D. better have something else brewing.”

Another Fansided member Pippen Ain’t Easy and their league blogger zoner had this to express over the signing of Gordon:

“So Gordon is gone. The Bulls didn’t draft a replacement for him and there isn’t a lot of quality available in free agency. As of right now it looks like the Bulls will go with a three guard rotation of Rose, Hinrich and Salmons.

The Bulls will definitely have more size next year. And in adding Gordon and Villanueva, the Pistons just got a lot worse defensively.”