Richard Jefferson On The Dan Patrick Show

By mrehome

Richard Jefferson today sat down with Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show to talk about his life with the Spurs and also his upcoming marriage.

Some points from this interview:

– Jefferson discussed when he found out he got traded and how he felt. One word “SHOCKED” because they (Spurs) were able to keep their big three in tact.

– The first of his teammates that he talked to was Tim Duncan.  As many may or may not know these two played back in the 2004 Olympics and since then have kept in touch.

– Mr. Patrick also discusses Shaquille O’Neal and wants to know how Jefferson feels about the trade.  Jefferson went on to state that he feels the trade will help LeBron in taking some of the pressure off of him.

– He was also asked whom the team in the west is going to be in the upcoming season and Jefferson responded with the Lakers.  He stated them because they are the defending champions and he respects that.

All in all it was a very good interview as I didn’t catch it LIVE so if you didn’t I was like many of you that had to listen to the recording of it.  I forgot that Jefferson was making his appearance on his show this week, my fault for not giving you guys the proper heads up on that.

 Without further ado click here to check out the show.