I’m ready for the draft! Are you?

By mrehome

The city of New York will be front and center tonight as the NBA Draft will take place at 7:00 pm eastern standard time. Now we all know that Blake Griffin will go number one to that team in Los Angles (the non championship one). We all know that. It’s a given. But after the first pick everything seems to be up in the air. A lot of people and other blogs I have read are stating the spanich sensation Ricky Rubio will go number two, some say it could be Thabeet and also _________(place your pick). That is right anyone can go number two after Griffin walks that stage to shake the ole’ commissioner Stern’s hand.

Blake Griffin getting drilled by the media.

I am excited about this draft not because I know the Spurs have two second round picks. Remember we had some big things come out of the second round (cough, cough, Ginobili). If you guys remember way back when (1999) Gino was picked 57th overall for the Spurs and we all can agree he is not to shabby.

Tony Parker was picked late in the first round and is by far one of the best point guards in the league. In my opinion the best.

Hey I’m pro Spurs get off my back!

I know there are some of you out there that can agree that the Spurs organization will have some stuff up their sleeves and we will come out of this draft with some solid choices. I must admit, last year’s picks kinda got me in a state of  cussing out the organization for picking guys that we don’t even see. They go straight to the damn d-league. Hell we want to know what we got, am I telling the truth Spurs fans!?

Coach Pop is a genius and discovering international players. I know that he has his eyes on some in this years draft to. So I won’t be surprised if we get more international flavor on the team. That is why Pop is where he is and I am where I am.

Should be a interesting night to say the least. I know I will be tuning in!