Officially A Spur! Welcome to San Antonio!

By mrehome

Jefferson will wear his number for the Spurs.

The live press conference just finished and I don’t know about all of you but I sure had a smile on my face when I saw Richard Jefferson step into the room with RC Burford.

“Speechless”. That is what Richard Jefferson stated when asked what he thought when he got that phone call saying he would be going to San Antonio.

He quickly jumped into taking questions and I was impressed with the way he carried himself through them. One question that was asked to him was about how he would feel about taking a step back and not being the primary option for scoring. The answer he gave was dead on and I knew he would not disappoint the 800 or so that was watching via

He stated he feels good to come to a team that he can just sit back and get what comes to him. He knows that he will not have to go out and score 20 to 25 points a game to help his team win but can do what is needed and if the points go to him he is fine with that and if not, he doesn’t mind it either just as long as the team wins.

Yeah Richard you will fit right at home with the team.

One funny thing too that he stated was Tim Duncan text him and told him that he was already in trouble with Popovich because he didn’t return his call when Pop called Jefferson. Duncan than told him not to get traded twice in one day.

Jefferson then stated he looked through his phone and searched for the number that he thought was Pop’s and called him.

I thought that was pretty funny.

Pretty much all that was stated that he is glad he is in San Antonio and feels good about what is happening in his career. He also stated he liked coming to a team that winning conference and championships are a must.

Welcome to San Antonio Richard!