Bowen Could Return To Spurs

By mrehome
Bruce Bowen could return home.

Like many fans that follow the Spurs I was excited when I heard that we were going to be receiving Richard Jefferson and in the process sending out three players. Two of which I don’t really care for. Kurt Thomas has limited years left and Fabricio Oberto has that heart issue that he recently had surgery on and is doing fine.

Scratch that. I can’t really say I don’t care for those two guys cause they did come off of the bench and played some key minutes and did what they needed to do. Thomas has that baseline shot that he has perfected in his career and Oberto is just that gnat around the rim that hussles for every ball that is on the floor or up in the air so they will be missed.

Reading around the internet yesturday after the trade broke and through-out the day I had read that some players contracts could be bought out. So I was thinking, I sure as hell hope that one of those was Bruce Bowen cause I know he would resign with the Spurs for dirt cheap.

Flipping on the television this morning and our local news stated that he could possibly be returning back to the Spurs and that made me feel really good. Oberto on the other hand I saw on the bottom line from ESPN that he is supposed to head to Detroit for Amir Johnson to the Bucks.

I do wish Thomas and Oberto the best but the good news here is we got a 29 yeard old shooting forward with a nice stroke that can hit the three for nothing. If Bowen’s contract gets bought out or he gets cut (which I doubt) he will be coming back home. Besides the man has played here for most of his career, if not all and what better way for him to end it with retiring with the Spurs.

This is what I want to see!