Yeah, Whatever Dallas!

By mrehome

With their dumb ass owner acting like they just won the damn championship lastnight high fiving everyone he saw, Cuban and his Mavericks need to realize that they are still down 3 games to one.

YEAH! Three games to one there guys.

So you scrapped together a win lastnight. Your fans are probably saying it should be tied two games a piece but you know what, someone needs to teach Wright that when he wants to foul, FOUL! Don’t just bump into the guy and throw your hands at him and look at the ref as if he was supposed to call it right away cause they knew you had a foul to give.

Come on!

Now the series heads back to Denver and I see Billups, Melo and company wrapping it up and we will no longer see Cuban and his dumb look on his face when the camera pans to him every so often. Though, I would like to see it when the final buzzer sounds and the Mavericks are sent packing!

Good season Mavericks! You just got handed by the Nuggets!