Lakers-Rockets : Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

By mrehome

Sitting here in San Antonio still realing from the Spurs being knocked out by the Mavericks, 4 games to 1, I keep thinking that the Mavericks are just two losses away from being in the smae spot and that makes me feel better.

Though we are out of the playoffs I am not going to stop writing my thoughts on some of the games that are still going on and what a night lastnight in Los Angeles as the Lakers tied the series up with the Houston Rockets and there were some fireworks in this game that got me at the edge of my seat watching it.

Being a Spurs fan I have to hate the Lakers, I mean it is a given, hahaha, but what I saw lastnight in the game I absolutely loved. Ron Artest does not back down from anything and that is why I like him as a player. Though his attitude has changed from his earlier days in the league he still has that ‘mean’ side of him still hidden and it came out and he was right in Kobe’s grill.

I loved it!

Though Artest got ejected I still loved seeing him not backdown from Kobe after that nice little elbow show he delivered to him.

I hope the league looks at this and some suspensions are given, especially to Kobe.

Damn I hate him!

This game has turned physical and Houston returning home will have the crowd on their back, good luck to you Lakers!

Embedded video from NBA Video