I Am Loving This!

By mrehome

The Denver Nuggets have taken a 2-0 lead over the Dallas Mavericks. Carmelo Anthony and Nene scored a team high 25 each. This is what I love. The team that knocked off my beloved San Antonio Spurs is getting their asses handed to them by the Denver Nuggets.

Nuggets are looking pretty damn good. They are the dark horses in my eyes. Most feel that it will be a Lakers-Cavaliers show down in the finals, though that could possibly happen, the Houston Rockets stunned the Lakers in game one in their series.

Though the Rockets and Lakers series is not appealing to me right now, the Nuggets are surely my favorite team in the playoffs. I see them winning this series in five.

All they need to do is let Dirk get his 30 or so points and they will be just fine. There is no way that Nowitzki can outscore the Nuggets team.

Oh and Dirk don’t ever hang your head, that just shows you have been defeated!