What Now!? (Cheer For Chicago!)

By mrehome

What do we do now?

Now that we have been eliminated from the playoffs by the…..I hate to say this Dallas Mavericks what do we as Spurs fans need to do now? Yes it is going to be a long, long, long wait until next season but there is still some good basketball left to watch.

Though I hate knowing that the Mavericks ‘wonderful’ owner Mark Cuban is smiling from ear to ear because of their round one advancement I still feel they have a tough road ahead of them.

We as Spurs fans can get over this right? I mean heck with the loss of Ginobili before the playoffs started we all knew that it would be a tough, rough road ahead, and it was. But our team did what they could do. Parker was phenomenal as he proved he should be in talks as one of the leagues best point guards. Duncan also proved that he still has the skills and work ethic that made people dub him as the ‘Big Fundamental’.

There are a lot of issues that are going to need to be tough in the off-season and I am sure that Pop and the rest of the Coaching staff along with Peter Holt will address those and we will once again have ourselves another Western Conference Contedor again.

Now, on to what I am writing this blog about: Though I am a true Spurs fan at heart I am in NO WAY jumping on the Bulls bandwagon. I know that out in the basketball world there are people that stick by ‘their’ home team but still have that one they like to cheer on.

For me that is the Chicago Bulls.

Back when Jordan graced the white and red I was in awe, as many others were. I have always wanted to see the Bulls do well after the departure of Greatness and though they have not reached that point, and everyone knows it will take a long, long time to do so, they have the tools to be something great.

With a lot of young talent and the NBA’s Rookie of the Year in Derrick Rose this team has proven against the Boston Celtics, a lot of energy and guts.

I hate Boston! I can’t stand them and Kevin Garnett always seems to have to put on an ‘act’ when swarming the sidelines. Every player on Boston seems to have that ‘swagger’ that we all should bow down to them and surely they felt the Bulls should of done the same thing.

Chicago forgot to get that memo!

The one team that I would want Spurs fans to root for with me is the Chicago Bulls. Though they have to go into Boston to take Game seven I still am happy with what they have accomplished against the C’s.